ATLA Lasers is a high-tech company that develops, industrializes and commercializes in international markets industrial grade cost effective sub-picosecond and femtosecond fiber-based laser products that operate in the mid-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, in the range 2µm to 4µm.



Our target application areas are real-time spectroscopy for fast sensitive hydrocarbon (oil and gas) sensing and molecular fingerprinting, as well as high throughput fine materials processing. For these applications, our proprietary laser technology offers important competitive advantages and unique features.



ATLA was founded by a team of experienced managers, engineers and scientists with proven international business and scientific track records.



ATLA actively seeks to establish business partnerships and strategic cooperation frameworks with other companies and entities.



ATLA is based in Trondheim, Norway.



ATLA Lasers, AS

Flatåstoppen 59

7079 Flatåsen

Trondheim, Norway

Acting CEO: